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Das Lokalisieren von Wordpress-Websites erlaubt mehrere Lösungsansätze. Gern analysieren wir Ihre Site und empfehlen Ihnen die beste Vorgehensweise

Localization of Wordpress websites

23 March 2021

Getting started is always difficult...


Localizing WordPress websites can be quite complex, especially when using numerous plugins, programs, editors, and templates that are not "out of the box" included in WordPress.


Localizing a WordPress website - multiple approaches


We have several approaches for website localization, particularly for WordPress. Therefore, it is important to first analyze the website created in WordPress. Then, it is necessary to clarify how often the website is updated and in which areas. Based on this information, one can assess which localization solutions are most suitable.


We study the best way of localizing your website propose you the best solution


Text Export vs. Overwrite Mode


Many companies, and even designers, make the mistake of providing text in overwrite mode, or worse, extracting the text with copy & paste and then re-entering it. Welcome to the Stone Age!

There is an easier way. We extract the texts, translate them using our translation software, and import them back - the advantage being that all texts are stored in a customer-specific database.




An even easier approach for certain texts (pages and articles) is to upload a connector that establishes a connection between the website and the translation software. The texts can now be exported and imported at the click of a button. Isn't that great?


Multilingual websites with layers


For websites that are not too complex, there is another option - overlaying text on top of the original text. This is commonly referred to as creating text layers.

In numerous cases, this solution has proven to work very well.


Below an example of a website that have been translated using this approach:



Other content management systems


The layer solution can also be used with other content management systems.

Here are some examples: Stringly, Landingly, Webflow, Instapage, Joomla, Drupal, Leadpages, Instapage, Cratejoy, Squarespace, etc.




Consult with us before localizing your website to save time, money and additional effort that often falls on other departments such as IT and design. Once you know the best approach, all you need to do is determine the quality of the translation: machine translation, machine translation with light post-editing, machine translation with heavy post-editing, human translation, or 4-eye translation - the choice is yours.